Sonic Runners

2.7 Bonus System

2.7.1 Bonus System Overview

To bring some variety to a gameplay and give player an extra reward for collecting rings bonus system is added to the game.

Bonus level is available in all missions except Boss battles.

The Bonus level is an additional part of every mission which can be triggered after Action Phase is finished but before Result screen. (BL chỉ xuất hiện khi finish level hoặc bấm No ở Revive pop up, còn Restart hoặc Quit ở IGM thì ko xuất hiện)

Since Bonus level is available after AP, goals can’t be fulfilled during it.

Triggering the bonus level is enabled by collecting a special item in Action Phase.

Result = ring trước mất + ring sau mất + bonus

Reward = ring sau mất + bonus

Goal =  ring trước mất + ring sau mất

2.7.2 Bonus Level Starting

Bonus level is to be enabled by collecting a special bonus item during the run and to be triggered right after finishing mission (regardless of the result).

  1. Special item is spawned algorithmically only once per mission.
  2. Player collects special item during AP
  3. Player either fulfills all the goals or crosses the finish line
  4. Collected item is shown in the HUD during AP

Result screen

Bonus mode starts

Transition between AP and Bonus level is shown in the flowing way:

After finishing the level camera, MC and all moving elements stop:

In the case of successful finishing (either fulfilling all the goals or crossing the finish line) winning animation is started. Bonus level starts right after finishing this animation.

In the case of unsuccessful finishing via dying either taking damage or falling into a pit character flies up like in revive but instead flying forward he gets into the Bonus level.

Special effect* starts emitting from the MC, filling the whole screen.

After a while the effect fades away.

As the glow fades away we can see the Bonus level.

MC flies out from the left screen of the screen (vertically – in the middle of the screen). He is surrounded by rainbow aura. MC flies to his default position (X coordinate).

“Bonus Level” message is shown on the screen, mattes disperse and Bonus Level begins.

2.7.3 Bonus Level

Bonus Level is a short sequence where MC can fly upward and downward and collect extra rings:

There are no enemies or obstacles in Bonus Level, so the only way to finish it – is to reach its’ end.

Buddies, boosters and skill boxes are also unavailable in Bonus Level.

During the flight MC is surrounded by rainbow aura, showing that he is flying due some magic effect but not due his own skills.

Player can control MC by tapping and holding (to ascend) or by releasing the screen (to descend) – similar to Fly type characters (but without a “fuel” limit). MC moves forward automatically and player can’t change his speed or stop him (just like in a regular action phase).

MC can’t ascend higher the upper screen edge or descend lower the bottom edge (these are his maximal and minimal altitude respectively).

During the flight player sees different patterns of rings and should move MC higher or lower trying to collect as much rings as he can.

Player is not able to use any boosters in Bonus Level (booster activation buttons are not shown).

2.7.4 Bonus Level End

After the Bonus Level finishes the following happens:

Camera stops, MC flies over the right edge of the screen. He is followed by a trail emitting the effect* which fills the screen.

In a while glow fades away.

Result screen appears.

* VFX and visuals are still under discussion and can be changed afterwards.

2.7.5 Bonus Level – technical info

Bonus Level is composed from chunks just like regular levels do:

Depending on the Bonus Level balance for a certain mission – we’ll define a set of chunks, which is looped continuously (e.g. bonus chunks with higher number of rings for missions where we need more rings in Bonus Level).

Depending on the exact number of rings we want player to collect in a Bonus Level for a certain mission – we set time limit, literally the time which player spends in the Bonus Level (to ensure he’ll not be able to collect more rings than we expect).

So, Bonus Levels in different mission may have different LD (meaning different duration and length as well).

List of bug in Bonus Level

9193946 0.0.2a S – Suggestion [Bonus level]: It’s should be removed distance bar in Bonus level

9193610 0.0.2a E – Medium [Looped][Bonus Level]: The bonus level complete when the distance bar just complete a part

9193532 0.0.2a C – Essential Req. [2.19.7][INT][Bonus Level]: Distance bar is disappeared after making an interrupt

9190082 0.0.1a D – Major [INT][AUT]: User can complete level after force close in Bonus level

9189902 0.0.1a D – Major [AP][Bonus Level][Winning Scr];MC is disappeared after jumping in a cannon and wait for time run out

9186610 0.0.1a D – Major [GDD]Bonus level item:The Special item icon isn’t same as GDD

9185574 0.0.1a D – Major [GDD][2.7.2][Bonus Level Starting]:Winning animation should be displayed before bonus level

9183504 0.0.1a E – Medium [Level Bonus][AP]: The Vector character is spilled out of the screen

9179378 0.0.1a D – Major [AP][Bonus Level]:User can revive if he let MC die and let RC Tornado Buddy pass final checkpoint

9179270 0.0.1a B – Crash [Bonus level][Quit run pop-up]: Game kills when user quit run in bonus level

9177042 0.0.1a B – Crash [Bonus level][Restart Run]: Game crashes when user restarts run in bonus level

9176022 0.0.1a D – Major [AP][Bonus Level]: Ring collection not counted in this mode

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